Air Conditioning Services

We are here for you

We believe that our relationship with you starts before you purchase a unit from us, and extends well beyond the warranty period of your product. For this reason, we value and nurture the trust that you place in us, and are available at any moment, to provide support and advice about your product.




It is always better to do things right the first time. As you embark on this journey to equip your home or office building with air conditioning, talk to us. At any stage of construction, we are happy to assess the space that you wish to cool, and give you advice on the most efficient air conditioning solution.


Once you have chosen the location and products that you wish to use, our technicians will make all necessary arrangements for a smooth and care-free installation. If your property is still under construction, we will schedule our installation to cause the least disturbance to you and your construction workers. Our goal is to streamline the process so that you can walk into your new building with your air conditioning system working perfectly.


Post-installation, your AC unit needs to be continually maintained. For hygiene reasons, and to extend the lifetime of the unit, the air filters need to be regularly cleaned and changed; the refrigerant gas needs to be refilled; the units need to be cared for.
Our team of professionals is available to carry out the maintenance works required. Remember, we are just a few clicks away!


We guarantee the excellence of our products, as we put a lot of care into selecting the most reliable equipment. However, it may happen that you require our repairs technicians to look into your equipment. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us for any issue that you may run into with your air conditioning units, even after the end of your warranty period. We always recommend that repairs be carried out by our trained technicians, and we are happy to provide assistance.