Fire Protection Services

More than a job: a passion for fire safety

For us, working with you means being there as you draft your fire safety plan at any stage of the construction of your building, installing your fire equipment, training your staff on fire safety procedures, and advising and supporting you as you make your workplace safer for all. Our comprehensive, turn-key approach means that you get a host of services all in one place. Please find below the full range of services we provide.




Our technicians are available to help fire-proof your building, whether all you have is an architect’s plan, or you are deciding to equip and protect a building that already exists. It is never too early to think about safety, and we are here to make sure you make the best choices for your budget.


We are all geeks, passionate about fire safety. So, for us, installation is like Christmas all year round.

We are excited to be fitting your space with top-notch fire protection and firefighting technology, ensuring that everything is in place in the shortest amount of time, while causing the least disturbance to your construction teams and/or your employees.

Maintenance & Repairs

Our team is always just a phone call or a click away. We are all professionals trained to repair and maintain all the products that we carry. So, extend your products’ lifetime by calling us to properly maintain or repair them, even beyond their given warranty period.