Green Commitment


The environment, an integral part of our mission.

We strive to maintain a responsible growth over the years. In that respect, our company has evolved with a greener consciousness that we assume every single day. We believe each one of us has the power to make a difference, which is why we are playing our part by taking environmental concerns on board.
We work hard to continuously monitor our activities around a comprehensive eco-friendly approach.

Encouraging you to recycle.

Through our actual partnership with BEM Recycling, a company specialized in the treatment of Waste of Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE), we actively contribute to the protection of our environment.
When replacing or installing any of our fire alarms and air conditioning system, we offer you the possibility to collect your old equipment for recycling. By taking part of this circular chain, you will be taking the bold step of becoming an active player of the preservation of our environment.

Our high-quality, yet eco-friendly service.

We continually innovate in the equipment we use for the maintenance of your air conditioning units, ensuring we deliver the highest quality service and less environmentally prejudicial products.
Our maintenance team uses the ultramodern Steam Cleaner Clim 3000 which presents no toxicity and no use of any chemicals and disinfectants, thus resulting in an optimal and a 100% environmental cleaning. Restraining its consumption to water, the steam dry technology brings together the naturally degreasing quality of hot water, the mechanical effect of the pressure of ejection of the vapor and the effect biocide of the heat to clean and decontaminate the most inaccessible surfaces.